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Steam Plant Operator- Sign On Bonus Eligible!!

Wellstar North Fulton Hospital • Roswell, GA • Facility, Environmental, and Nutrition & Food Services • 110502 • Days, Weekend Option • Full-Time


Candidate operates, maintains and repairs low- and high-pressure steam boilers, commercial chillers, large domestic and chilled water pumps, pneumatic control air systems and pumps and high voltage electrical switch gear and emergency generator systems, heavy HVAC systems and air movers. The candidate likewise conducts steam plant tours, maintains and manages relevant logs, conducts safety inspections and testing of safety equipment related to steam vessels. Candidate also manages and provides continuous oversight of computerized building management systems, energy management systems, fire alarm systems, pneumatic tube systems and electrical systems serving the overall facility.


Wellstar North Fulton has an opportunity for a Steam Plant Operator.

Full-Time- Days/Weekend Option

Sign On Bonus Eligible!!

Core Responsibilites and Essential Functions

  • Ensures safe operation of plant equipment and systems.
    * Conducts systematic safety tours of boiler plant documenting all readings on gauges, sensors and safeties on the plant log sheets at least every 4 hours.
    * Conducts testing of high-pressure vessel safeties by activation of low water cut off safeties and flame failure safeties once per day and documents results of test.
    * Notes all leaks of steam, water or lubricants in the boiler plant and makes initial repairs to eliminate them or reduce the impact until heavier repairs can be made.
    * Manages operation and oversight of Steam Plant control room to ensure monitoring equipment is on line and fully operational.
    * Notes all states of operation in daily activity log sheets relevant to Steam Plant equipment and other systems in the control room that manage Pneumatic Tube, HVAC, Domestic Water, Heating, Steam generation, fire alarm, energy management, emergency generators, electrical switch gear systems and medical gas systems.
    * Manages all computer or analogue systems related to the disciplines indicated above.
    * Communicates information related the overall state of the campus equipment to the Co-Ordinator and field staff as required via two way radio, telephone and pager systems as required.
  • Performs preventative maintenance on assigned equipment and systems to ensure continuous operation.
    * Receives preventative maintenance work requests as they are printed and assesses requirements for completion as pertains to materials, access to equipment/systems and schedules the repair.
    * Conduct preventative maintenance as specified in the work request and follows the tasking required until completion.
    * Notes any deficiencies related to the preventative maintenance effort that are out of the norm and reports them to the Co-Ordinator immediately for disposition and further action.
    * Follows up on repair efforts of deficiencies noted to ensure closure of the relevant documents to be compliant with Code and JCAHO Survey requirements.
    * Turns in completed PM documentation on the date the work is completed to ensure closure of the document in our CMMS system is done in a timely fashion.
    * Assists others in preventative maintenance efforts as required
  • Performs repairs on equipment/systems to ensure proper and continued operation of same.
    * Responds to both telephoned service requests and detailed project work orders as requested on a daily basis for repairs of large motor replacements, Belt changes, coil cleaning, filter changes, replacement of damaged or defective detection and monitoring equipment.
    * Identifies the complexity of the work required, tools necessary to accomplish the work and spare parts and materials required to complete the job requested.
    * Prepares purchase requisitions for spare parts and materials and submits for approval and acquisition to Co-Ordinator, receives materials and closes out documentation within three days to ensure budget requirements are met.
    * Makes all repairs requested in a timely fashion and turns in completed documentation on the date of the repair or work to ensure close out of documentation on the computerized maintenance management system as required.
    * Assists in maintaining on hand critical spare parts and materials by conducting periodic inventory and requisitioning replacements to ensure continuity of our work effort.

Required for All Jobs

  • Performs other duties as assigned
  • Complies with all WellStar Health System policies, standards of work, and code of conduct.


Required Minimum Education

  • High school diploma Required or
  • GED Required and
  • Two years trade school degree or equivalent military experience in Stationary Plant repair and maintenance Required

Required Minimum Experience

  • Minimum 5 years years in Stationary/steam Plant Operations and Maintenance Required
  • Epic and 3M experience Preferred

Required Minimum Skills

  • Computer/data entry experience.
  • Ability to communicate with various members of the healthcare team.
  • Ability to use EXCEL, Word and have basic computer operational knowledge.

Required Minimum License(s) and Certification(s)

  • Georgia Driver's License 1.00 Required 1.00

Additional Licenses and Certifications

  • Holds current CAA Ozone Depletion certification. Required
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