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Lactation Consultant PRN

North Fulton Hospital • Roswell, Georgia • Day Shift • PRN • JR-7603

Facility: North Fulton Hospital

Job Summary:

The Certified Lactation Consultant has specialized education and extensive experience in managing the needs and care of the breastfeeding family.
In providing patient care using an understanding of age specific needs, the Lactation Consultant addresses the physiological, emotional, developmental, psychosocial and spiritual needs of the patient and family/ support system. Using a family centered approach, educational needs may range from pre-conception through time of weaning, assisting the mother to attain her individual breastfeeding goals.
The Lactation Consultant is responsible for professional and self developmental activities. The Lactation Consultant is responsible for delivering patient care in complex, multiple problem breastfeeding situations.
The Lactation Consultant functions as a member of the multidisciplinary health care team as a consultant, instructor, and mentor/preceptor to other health care professionals and clients in hospital and community settings.
The Lactation Consultant independently performs her job functions and is responsible to the Manager or Assistant Nurse Manager.
The Lactation Consultant who is not IBCLC certified must have an IBCLC preceptor and be checked off for all inpatient, outpatient and phones consultations for 6 months after hire date.

Core Responsibilities and Essential Functions:

Inpatient Consults

- Contact Patient’s nurse for any pertinent information
- Visit mother in hospital room for introductions and history intake
- Assess infant feeding/latch
- Provide feeding plan specific to mother/baby’s individual needs/goals
- Referral for outpatient consult and/or breast pump rental Outpatient Consults

- History intake/Assessment
- Provide hands on assistance to resolve problems
- Provide plan of care: follow up and referral
- Provide report to healthcare provider via fax and phone call if needed Phone Consultations

- Follow up phone call to NICU mothers to determine milk supply and address any concerns
- Follow up phone call to Breastfeeding Center outpatients previously seen
- Answer helpline phone calls: address concerns
- Performance Improvement surveys Professional activities

- Maintains confidentiality
- Serves as a professional role model within professional designation
- Serves a mentor in the development of peers, staff and students
- Serves as resource to nursing staff and leadership, and medical staff
- Supports performance improvement initiatives designed to promote quality patient care Acts as a resource to members of the health care team

- Work hand in hand with prenatal and postpartum providers to help new families meet their breastfeeding goals.
- Help the hospital to establish and support polices for exclusive breastfeeding Internal and external (community) breastfeeding education and promotion

- Maintains current clinical knowledge in order to contribute evidence to curriculum
- Identify patient learning needs and utilizes education principles based on age specific criteria to meet these needs
- Designs and implements educational programming that addresses identified learning needs
- Obtain roster and contact class participants prior to class
- Ensure adequate class supplies and communicate needs in a timely and appropriate manner
- Set up for classes adjusting for site specific variances Breastfeeding Classes

- Teaches breastfeeding classes in the hospital and community. Retail sales

- Assist customers in choosing breast pump which meets their needs
- Assist customers in choosing/fitting Nursing bra
- Assist customers in choosing other retail items
- Provide direction in breastpump registration and rental process
- Take in cash and provide receipt for cash and carry retail items

Required Minimum Education:

Required: Minimum of Associate's Degree in Nursing or Health Science from an accredited college or university

BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing) Preferred

Required Minimum License(s) and Certification(s):

Basic Life Support 1.00 Required
BLS - Instructor 1.00 Required
BLS - Provisional 1.00 Required
Certified Lactation Consultant 2.00 Required

IBCLC Preferred

Additional Licenses and Certifications:

Required Minimum Experience:

Breastfeeding experience is required to become eligible to sit for the exam. Required and
This experience is considered adequate for entry level into Lactation Consultant practice. Required and
Hours vary based on educational background. Minimum breastfeeding experience is typically 2500 hours Required

Required Minimum Skills:

Strong judgment skills – the ability to work with minimal supervision and make independent decisions that still reflect the policies/procedures and philosophy of the department
Assisting the breastfeeding mother to attain her individual breastfeeding goals
Assessment and patient care regarding breastfeeding for newborns, infants and mothers
Communication with members of the health care team
Teach breastfeeding classes to the community and to health care workers
Telephone counseling
Keyboard skills (computer skills including word processing desirable)
Other duties as required related to health promotion, the WellStar Health System, and the day to day functioning of the department

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