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Quality Operations Program Director

WCO - Wellstar Corporate Office • Marietta, Georgia • Shift • Full Time • JR-15195

Facility: WCO - Wellstar Corporate Office

Job Summary:

The Director of Quality Operations assumes responsibility for planning and coordinating efforts across the organization for the strategic and operational deployment of the Wellstar Quality program. The scope of the role includes but is not limited to using data analytics to identify trends and insights to make informed decisions to select, prepare, and present education with actionable information for the Board and System Quality Committee level audiences; maintaining centralized governance and standards for quality performance improvement initiatives and projects; advising and guiding quality improvement teams that are system-wide and/or decentralized throughout the organization; spread successful efforts across the organization.
The Director of Quality Operations will recognize and respond fluidly to varying situations that may require influencing teams to adhere to standards, facilitating the spread of best practices, and/or innovation and design of creative solutions. This role facilitates multi-entity coordination of clinical quality improvement initiatives, requiring strong project management skills. Frequent collaboration is required with medical staff, senior administration, and department leaders to identify, analyze, and trend clinical and quality issues and implement successful solutions. Identifying and promoting evidence-based practice and using Lean Management System and Lean Production System methods are required. This role necessitates organizational savvy, situational awareness, and a demonstrated ability to lead individuals and teams at all levels of the organization through influence.

Core Responsibilities and Essential Functions:

- Leadership: Provide centralized direction, governance, and leadership for major projects and programs related to Quality a. Lead operations and innovations around the corporate Quality Performance Improvement Plan b. Ensure governance-level Quality reports and communications support the Board of Trustees and delegated Board committees in meeting their fiduciary responsibilities. i. Stay updated on data analysis techniques, tools, and trends to provide critical data and information transparently and at an appropriate level to facilitate effective governance oversight. ii.Distill information in a manner that resonates with both clinical and lay Board members. iii. Meet all regulatory accreditation requirements with respect to periodic quality and safety-related reports. c.Serve as liaison to all local level business units and entities for oversight and advising on quality improvement projects and their alignment with system goals. i.Provides direction to decentralized resources and builds meaningful relationships with sites. d.Co-lead interfacility, service line, and other collaboration meetings that identify improvement initiatives needed or desired and report key decision points to all governing bodies, such as the main quality governance leadership team. i.Identifies correct local-level teams to lead and run specific quality initiatives identified. e.For high-priority, complex programs, serves as champion or sponsor for cross-functional teams. Works closely with Operations, Quality, and other departments to ensure project priorities and decisions are consistent between teams and corporate strategic plans. i.Develop effective working relationships and efficient cross-functional processes with Medical Management, Utilization and Care Management, Provider and Member Services, Claims and Finance, and Information Systems
- Growth: Provide advisory coaching and educational training on process improvement projects, methodology, tools, and standards. a. Partners with leadership in the Lean Transformation office to implement and reinforce Lean process improvement and management tools as needed for quality leadership and teams. b. Integrate other appropriate improvement High Reliability strategies and tools. c. Develop programs that promote Quality efforts and results. d. Represents WellStar and participates in local, regional, and state collaborations, forums, and meetings as requested to ensure an optimal understanding of industry trends and synergies. e. Engage diverse external stakeholders who would benefit from continued growth and continuous improvement activities.
- Other duties a. Regularly prepares proposals and presents ideas in formal meetings to senior leadership and Board members as needed. b. Maintain strict confidentiality of employee and organizational information in accordance with HIPAA and State privacy regulations. c. Provides an open environment and promotes teamwork. Acts as a catalyst to remove organizational barriers. d. Coordinates other team members, systems, and processes to achieve organizational goals in accordance with organizational policies and practices. e. Other duties as assigned.

Required Minimum Education:

  • Bachelors Health Science or Bachelors Business Administration/Management or Masters Nursing-Preferred or Masters Health Administration-Preferred or Masters Business Administration/Management-Preferred

Required Minimum License(s) and Certification(s):
All certifications are required upon hire unless otherwise stated.

  • Cert Prof Healthcare Quality within 2 years

Required Minimum Experience:

Minimum 5 years specifically leading clinical quality performance/process improvement efforts in a health system setting (physicians and/or hospitals) Required or
Minimum 7 years leading performance/process improvement efforts in another field with two (2) years specifically leading quality performance improvement efforts in a health system setting (physicians and/or hospitals). Required

Required Minimum Skills:

Focus on creating partners across the organization and being impactful along broad indirect reporting relationships. It is important that this person has the ability to engage and lead other leaders across the Quality framework. This position may have limited direct reports, but the responsibility is more focused on managing the overall governance and methodology of the organization's Quality improvement efforts than managing people.
Strong analytics background. Vizient experience is strongly preferred.
Superior critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills
Exceptional interpersonal, team building, and communication skills
Ability to build consensus and foster change in an organizational setting
Professional competence in applications such as: Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft 365, Project Management tools, Epic, etc.
Expert skills in performance improvement, including but not limited to Lean, PDCA, Six Sigma, etc.
Commitment to personal and professional growth
Sense of responsibility to self, team, and project
Outstanding integrity, initiative, creativity, and passion
Ability to work in an ambiguous environment
Ability to work cohesively with the Technology department counterparts

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