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Psychometrist 1 - Adult/Geriatrics PRN

WellStar Medical Group - Marietta (3939 Roswell) • Marietta, Georgia • Day Shift • PRN • JR-17122

Facility: WellStar Medical Group - Marietta (3939 Roswell)

Job Summary: The PRN Psychometrist is an important part of the clinical team. This employee will administer and score psychological tests to assist psychologists in their evaluation of cognition within the Wellstar Neuropsychological Services practice. The PRN Psychometrist will participate in acquiring information (collateral, medical records, etc.) which will help clarify a patient's diagnostic picture. While clinical interpretation of the results is the responsibility of the psychologists, gathering and synthesizing of information and documenting in the EMR is expected. Ensuring accuracy of test administration practices and scoring is imperative, in keeping the with American Psychological Association and National Association of Psychometrists guidelines. Core Responsibilities and Essential Functions: Administration of Psychological Tests - The psycholometrist will administer cognitive, ability, and other psychological tests as needed to answer questions that prompted the evaluation - The psychometrist will prepare and conduct biofeedback assessments as needed - The psychometrist will ensure familiarity, standardized administration procedures, and population norms for all tests administered as part of pre-surgical and/or other psychological evaluations - The psychometrist will prepare computer-based tests for patient self-administration Scoring of Psychological Tests - The psychometrist will understand appropriate protocols for establishment of test basals and ceilings for all tests, prior to utilization - The psychometrist will use computer-based or hand-scoring procedures accurately - The psychometrist will manage psychological test data Gathering of Clinical Information - The psychometrist will review medical and psychological records - The psychometrist will consult with other medical professionals involved in patient care - The psychometrist will gather other information critical to the presenting patient and problem from family members, teachers, medical records, etc. Documenting Relevant Patient Information - The psychometrist will document all clinical encounters for inclusion in the medical record - The psychometrist will participate in the writing of patient background information, behavioral observations, and other sections contained within a psychological evaluation Administrative Duties - The psychometrist will conduct literature reviews to ensure that testing procedures and diagnostics occur according to evidence-based (or if unavailable) empirically supported guidelines - The psychometrist will participate in the conducting of clinical research via the WellStar Psychological Services practice via the securing of informed consents, conducting literature reviews, etc. - The psychometrist will meet regularly with supervising psychologists to ensure fluid communication regarding patients presenting to the WellStar Psychological Services practice - The psychometrist attends clinical and other meetings as required - The psychometrist ensures adequate test supplies are available Required Minimum Education: Bachelor's Degree A bachelor's degree in Psychology or related field. Required Master's Degree A master's degree in psychology, educational psychology, counseling, or related field. Preferred Required Minimum License(s) and Certification(s): All certifications are required upon hire unless otherwise stated.
  • Cert Specialist Psychometrist-Preferred
Additional License(s) and Certification(s):Required Minimum Experience: Minimum 1 year Completed a minimum of one year in a clinical training environment with a medical population. This can include experience gained as part of a graduate training program in psychology, professional counseling, etc. Required Minimum 1 year Administering cognitive, educational or neuropsychological assessments. Required Required Minimum Skills: Organizational abilities, the ability to work within structure and meet deadlines is essential. The successful candidate will possess initiative, attention to detail, mathematical and computational skills and excellent written and oral communication skills. Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and overall computer literacy is important, as is the ability to manipulate and analyze data. High
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