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Manager - Medical Imaging Windy Hill

Windy Hill Hospital • Marietta, Georgia • Day Shift • Full Time • JR-5659

Job Summary:

The Medical Imaging Manager is a registered professional who provides leadership and management of the staff under their purview through the effective use of knowledge and skills to promote the creation of a center of excellence for staff recruitment and retention and clinical and business outcomes. The medical imaging manager is the standard bearer for his/her modalities and holds all participants working in his/her modalities accountable for the delivery of care and services through effective communication; observation; and the management and measurement of specific interventions/practices and their associated outcomes. Responsibilities include clinical, financial, human and material resources deployment and associated outcomes or goals. The manager provides safe, age appropriate care to the patients in accordance with Policy and Procedures. The Medical Imaging Manager serves as a chief retention and safety officer and ensures that safety and quality standards are upheld or met by effective use of data and technology to make decisions and proactively mitigates unnecessary risks for his/her area of responsibility. The Medical Imaging Manager creates and ensures a desirable, safe work environment that enables the organization to meet or exceed its mission and goals. He/she models the way to foster communication and collaboration with physicians, staff, patients and other departments. He/she is responsible for performing a wide variety of management tasks requiring independent judgment, ingenuity and initiative.

It is expected that all Medical Imaging Managers are certified, knowledgeable and uphold the practice of imaging as outlined by the ASRT Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics Standards put forth by the American Society of Radiology Technologists. As a member of the patient services team, it is expected the individual upholds the voice of the patient, system policies and procedures while supporting service excellence goals.

Core Responsibilities and Essential Functions:

Administrative Duties

- Must be flexible with work hours to meet department/facility needs.
- Knows the existing lines of communication and authority, handles communications properly and is dependable, cooperative and emotionally stable.
- Completes and/or oversees necessary paperwork, monthly statistics, etc.
- Cooperates with other managers to provide quality service to our patients, physicians and other customers.
- Work with other departments regarding opportunities for improvement.
- Performs interviews and provides orientation of new employees.
- Maintains department records, JCAHO standards, State and Federal regulations and Performance Improvement.
- Represents Medical Imaging during site specific meetings, such as manager meetings, Safety, EC
- Assists scheduling personnel to ensure adequate time slots for patients. Monitors scheduling backlogs for opportunities for improvement.
- Provides oversight to ensure that all images that are obtained are properly documented and have a final report in the EMR
- Maintains and promotes standard of care as outlined in the policies and procedures.
- Monitors the utilization of contract personnel and reviews prior to usage with the Medical Imaging Administrative Director for approval.
- Assist in other Medical Imaging areas and as needed in other departments in the system.
- Actively participates in Leadership WellStar - by completing Cascade Learning Modules.
- Fosters an environment of Employee Satisfaction - Reward and Recognition.
- Coordinates projects and/or equipment moves with vendors and system IT and monitors for completion
- Identifies Physicist deficiencies and ensures they are corrected.
- Responds to e-mails in a timely manner, provides information when requested.
- Sets challenging and productive goals for team.
- Provides resources and support.
- Uses checkpoints and data to track progress, setting up system and processes to measure results.
- Holds team accountable for actions while providing leadership and motivation.
- Assumes responsibilities for all other duties assigned. Team Management / Employee Engagement

- Evaluating employee work performance, merit and mid-year reviews per established timeline.
- Assessing and coordinating training as identified to support the employee/department needs.
- Monitors staffing levels and overtime to validate usage and/or request staffing adjustments or positions.
- Performs interviews and selection process for new employees.
- Coordinates department activities with chief technologists, lead staff and other personnel.
- Plans, organizes, delegates and manages staff functions relating to the assigned facility(s).
- Builds a culture of trust and engagement as reflected in the Great Place to Work Trust Index Survey at a direct report, workgroup and hospital/entity level.
- Holds leaders accountable for behaviors that create trust and engagement.
- Participate in Employee Trust action planning meetings and keep SuccessFactors updated per HR timeline.
- Provides departmental staff meetings as needed.
- Fosters positive working relationships with staff and physicians.
- Fosters a culture that focuses on customer service, staff participation, collaboration, motivation, and effective communication.
- Assists in developing and educating staff on new Departmental Policies and Procedures (DPP’s) Customer Service / Quality Patient Safety

- Maintains and strengthens relationships with physicians and ensures their involvement in developing systems to assure growth of the service and the cost of effective delivery of quality patient care in a manner that fosters patient and employee trust.
- Ensures quality patient care and ensures accurate and timely Medical Imaging procedures.
- Works with physicians’ office personnel
- Oversees QA / QC functions that pertain to equipment, PACS and patient initiatives.
- Ensures department participation in P.I. initiatives.
- Recognizes that total patient care starts when the patient arrives to our facility and ends when the physician/patient have the imaging results.
- Provides privacy for patients/customers per HIPAA guidelines.
- Provide timely follow up with patient/customer concerns.
- Monitors pending work reports to assure images are read, transcribed and released in a timely manner.
- Understands Scope of Service for Medical Imaging.
- Utilizes scripting and rounding to improve customer service.
- Meets Service Recovery and Customer Service Guidelines as needed Financial Accountability / Successful Growth

- Actively participate in the annual budgeting process. I.e. Capital and Operating.
- Communicates and evaluates department needs concerning budget and investigates variances.
- Provides justification for capital equipment purchases and provides recommendations to Medical Imaging Administrative Director or Executive Director.
- Maintains capital and operational expenses in accordance with FY Budget projections.
- Understands the implications of equipment downtime and works to ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum.
- Monitors staffing levels and overtime to validate usage and/or request necessary staff positions

Required Minimum Education:

Graduate of AMA approved School of Radiologic Technology or other accredited Modality Imaging Program Required and
Must be a Registered Technologist in at least 1 Imaging Modality Required and
BS degree in Health Sciences or related field Preferred

Required Minimum License(s) and Certification(s):

Registered Medical Sonographer 1.00 Required
Certified MRI Technologist 1.00 Required
ARRT Cardiac Interventional Ra 1.00 Required
ARRT Computed Tomography 1.00 Required
ARRT Mammography 1.00 Required
ARRT Magnetic Resonance Imagin 1.00 Required
ARRT Nuclear Technology 1.00 Required
ARRT Radiography 1.00 Required
ARRT Sonography 1.00 Required
ARRT Vascular Intervention Rad 1.00 Required
ARRT Vascular Sonography 1.00 Required
Cert Nuclear Med Tech 1.00 Required
Basic Life Support 2.00 Required

Additional Licenses and Certifications:

NMTBC Upon Hire Required

Required Minimum Experience:

Minimum 5 years experience in the medical field Required and
Minimum 2 years of supervisory experience Preferred

Required Minimum Skills:

Must exhibit excellent interpersonal and customer service skills.
The employee must have the ability to follow through with assigned tasks within established timelines.
This position requires frequent verbal and written communications with patients, visitors, physicians and department personnel.
Routinely communicates with other hospital personnel.
Explains and gives instructions/directives regarding services, rules, policies, procedures or standards of care.
Obtains, presents and discusses information pertinent to job responsibility.
Requires tact and adequate communication skills to clarify or give facts, to avoid misunderstanding, and to promote goodwill.
Must be able to perform effectively in a stressful and fast paced work environment.
Must have the ability to prioritize appropriately.
Must be detail oriented and have the capacity to effectively multitask throughout the work shift.
Must have excellent communication skills and the capacity to interact professionally with a variety of “customers”, including but not limited to patients, families, co-workers, volunteers, and physicians throughout the work shift.
Must possess the ability to function independently, yet productively as a cooperative team member with various work teams associated with the position. Must be compliant, with a willingness to follow all Hospital policies as well as the established practices, protocols and procedures of the position, department and applicable professional standards.
Excellent written/oral communication skills and project management skills required.
Must be able to work effectively with a diverse group of people.
Ability to work well under pressure and on concurrent, multidisciplinary projects.

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