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Pharmacy Technician Retail

Paulding Hospital • Hiram, Georgia • Day Shift • PRN • JR-6287

Job Summary:

Assist the pharmacists in providing quality pharmaceutical care to all patients by performing technical duties in the pharmacy department, working under the supervision of the Pharmacist. Duties include retrieving prescription orders, counting, pouring, measuring and weighing tablets and medications, mixing medications, selecting the proper prescription container, creating prescription labels, maintaining patient profiles, completing cash register transactions, answering phones, taking inventory of over-the-counter medications, being aware of the latest medicines and their availability.

Core Responsibilities and Essential Functions:

Prescription Filling: *Data Intake from Patients – must be able to acquire the necessary information needed to properly fill a prescription. Must be thorough in obtaining all the legally required data information mandated by law to successfully and legally fill prescriptions. * *Prescription processing- Must be able to utilize the existing computer software program to aid in processing prescriptions. Knowledge in dealing with third party payers and solving issues related to electronic adjudication. Must be able to accurately record prescriptions dispensed. Must be able to contact physicians and benefits providers as necessary to process a prescription. Must be able to complete third-party insurance forms and other paperwork. Cash handling: - Must be capable of completing cash transactions with customers. Must be capable of using POS equipment, credit card processing machines as well as cash transactions. Must be able to run end-of-day reports from the POS cash register and do proper business closing procedures. Telephone transactions: - Must be courteous with the telephone transactions, must be able to represent the business well over the phone. Must have good telephone communication skills. Product knowledge: - Must be knowledgeable with pharmaceuticals and OTC items. Must properly prepare/compound ointments, and creams, etc. Must be aware of the latest medicines and their availability. Other Duties: *Provides a professional and confidential environment for customers on all occasions *Helps Ensure compliance with all Federal and State rules and regulations that pertain to the scope of practice of a retail pharmacy. *Inventory and stock prescription and over the counter medications and supplies. *Maintains a safe and clean pharmacy by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations. *Must be able to generate reports from the pharmacy computer system *Must be knowledgeable with pharmaceuticals and OTC items. Must properly prepare/compound ointments, and creams, etc. Must be aware of the latest medicines and their availability.

Required Minimum Education:

High school graduate Required or GED Diploma from an accredited program. Required

Required Minimum License(s) and Certification(s):

Cert Pharmacy Tech 1.00 Required Registered Pharmacy Tech 2.00 Required

Additional Licenses and Certifications:

Must be licensed by the State of Georgia. Upon Hire Required

Required Minimum Experience:

Exposure/experience in all phases of retail pharmacy operations. Required and Experience in a retail pharmacy setting including exposure to retail pharmacy operations, data entry into pharmacy software system, purchasing/inventory control, controlled substance documentation, data intake from customers, and good customer service skills. Preferred

Required Minimum Skills:

Minimal typing skills. Basic computer skills. Good oral communication skills. Good mentoring skills. Good interpersonal skills. Ability to lift a minimum of 30 pounds.

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