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Dietitian Oncology

Wellstar Paulding Hospital • Hiram, GA • Allied Health • 113623 • Days • Full-Time


Collaborates with members of the health care team to provide medical nutrition therapy. Identifies patients at high nutrition risk based on criteria outlined by the WellStar Health System and respective department. Assesses nutrition needs and identifies nutrient requirements according to age and disease specific needs of patients. Develops and implements the nutrition care plan for all assigned patients. Fosters continuity of care among all phases across the continuum of care. Continuously evaluates and monitors the effectiveness and outcomes of medical nutrition therapy intervention. Provides nutrition education to patient and family member on appropriate food selections and eating behaviors to accomplish patient goals. Manages the delivery of nutrition care services according to the site of care assigned. Participates in performance improvement and research activities. Mentors dietetic interns/diet technicians. Actively assesses, evaluates and maintains professional development and competencies outlined in the position description.


Core Responsibilites and Essential Functions

  • Care of the Patients and Patient/Family Education
    * Performs the key functions of nutrition care according to system policy including nutrition screening, assessment development of care plan, and follow-up monitoring/reassessment of patients identified to be at nutrition risk.
    * Assesses patients learning needs barriers to learning, preferred learning styles and educational level and provides nutrition education accordingly.
    * Utilizes community resources through the continuum of care to foster patient outcomes.

  • Provision of Services
    * Develops, implements and promotes quality services based on client expectation and needs
    * Collaborates with patient and/or family member, and health care team to assess nutrition and education needs of patients.
    * Provides services and establishes goals based on the identified needs of patients and/or family members.
    * Applies knowledge and skills in developing, implementing and maintaining nutrition programs.
    * Advocates for the provision of food and nutrition services as a part of patient care
    * Continuously evaluates nutrition care processes and patient outcomes
    * Implements quality practice by following system policies, procedures and patient outcomes
    * Provides care according to organization ethics, licensure and the Standards of Professional Practice for Dietetics Professionals.
    * Applies regulatory standards in the provision of nutrition services.
    * Utilizes community resources through the continuum of care to foster patient outcomes

  • Application of Research in Practice
    * Locates and reviews research findings for their application or optimally manage a disease or condition and improve patient outcomes.
    * Bases clinical practice on sound scientific principles, current research and theory.
    * Shares and reports research and patient outcomes utilizing various media.
    * Demonstrates knowledge related to clinical practice.
    * Communicates sound scientific principles, research, and theory to health care team members and dietetic interns in optimally managing patients' care.
    * Shares knowledge and expertise with dietetic interns, patients, family members and health care team members.
    * Documents understanding of relevant information and results of communication with dietetic interns/technicians/patients/families and healthcare team members.
    * Contributes to the development of new knowledge and services.
    * Seeks out information effectively and independently to provide effective services.
    * Systematically evaluates the quality and effectiveness of practice and revises practice as needed to incorporate results of evaluation.
    * Participates in and identifies performance improvement criteria for nutrition care.
    * Identifies expected outcomes of patient care.
    * Continuously evaluated and refines service based on measurable outcomes.
  • Utilization and Management of Resources
    * Uses resources effectively and efficiently in practice.
    * Uses a systematic approach to maintain and manage resources effectively.
    * Utilizes system practice guidelines, protocols, references, and the nutrition care manual in the provision of nutrition services.
    * Considers safety, effectiveness and cost in providing and delivering nutrition services and products.
    * Justifies use of resources by documenting consistency with a plan and desired outcomes.
    * Actively utilizes data collected for performance improvement to improve patient care and nutrition processes.
    * Informs and educates patients, families, health care team members, dietetic interns to identify and secure available resources to achieve necessary goals.
    * Supervises and mentors dietetic students and interns in completing identified tasks and responsibilities.
    * Adhere to the Code of Ethics for the profession of dietetics and the organization.
    * Takes an active leadership role in delivering nutrition services.
    * Engages in lifelong self-development to improve knowledge and skills that promote continued competence.
    * Conducts yearly self-assessment to identify professional strengths and weaknesses.
    * Identifies needs for professional development and mentors dietetic interns.
    * Documents professional development activities according to system policies.

  • Program Support
    * Participates in the development and maintenance of departmental policies and procedures.
    * Participates in performance improvement activities specific to departmental functions, system-wide initiatives and regulatory guidelines.
    * Program development and outcome tracking.
    * Collaborate with manager and director to determine fiscal requirements of program, and prepare budgetary recommendations where appropriate.
    * Attends regularly scheduled staff meetings and multi-disciplinary staff meetings.
    * Performs assigned work safely, adhering to established departmental safety rules and practices.
    * Reports to supervisor, in a timely manner, any unsafe activities, conditions,hazards, or safety violations that may cause injury to oneself, other employees, patients and visitors.
    * Performs other related duties as required.
    * Collaboration with physicians and supportive service providers, such as nursing navigators, social workers, dietitians, etc.
    * Participation in marketing and outreach efforts as needed.

Required for All Jobs

  • Performs other duties as assigned
  • Complies with all WellStar Health System policies, standards of work, and code of conduct.


Dietitian Clinical Oncology

Paulding Hospital

(Radiation Oncology Outpatient Unit)

Great Benefits!!!

Required Minimum Education

  • Bachelor's Degree from an accredited institution with a major in dietetics. Required and
  • Master's Degree Preferred

Required Minimum Experience

  • Minimum 2 years experience in the health care field. Required and
  • Experience in specific specialty Preferred

Required Minimum Skills

  • Computer Skills: experience with MS office: word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software.
  • Capable of preparing and providing presentations.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Knowledge of menu planning and the conversion of nutrient recommendations into food and menus.
  • Counseling and educational training for individual and group work.
  • Ability to troubleshoot problems associated with special needs, such as seniors, families, low-income patients, clinical conditions, and associated co-morbidities.
  • Maintenance of effective relationships with other health care professionals, when sharing patients.
  • Strong written, verbal, and communication skills.
  • Ability to work with patient interests and health in mind.

Required Minimum License(s) and Certification(s)

  • Lic Dietician Required
  • Registered Dietician Required
  • Basic Life Support Required
  • BLS - Instructor Required
  • BLS - Provisional Required

Additional Licenses and Certifications

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