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Cook - Full Time - Days - Paulding Nursing Home

Wellstar Paulding Nursing Center • Dallas, Georgia • Day Shift • Full Time • JR-12369

Facility: Wellstar Paulding Nursing Center


Full Time - Days

M-F and every other weekend

Great Benefits!!!

Job Summary:

Prepares nutritious and delicious food for WellStar Patient Meal Service, Retail Service and/or other satellite areas utilizing recipes and conventional and/or cook/chill production methods, equipment or tools. Requires a passion for the culinary arts and the menu items being prepared in a healthcare setting. Must be adamant about adhering to all sanitation and food handling codes established by the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point and local county Department of Health. Must be able to comply with a higher standard of safety and sanitation as a result of preparing food for a high risk population that has developing, weakening or compromised immune systems. Must possess ability to manage time and plan work accordingly to produce a variety and number of recipes simultaneously, possibly under high-volume demands. Requires ability to assess food quality, taste, color, odor, etc.

Core Responsibilities and Essential Functions:

Ensures the Safety of Customers and Team Members (according to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) and County Health Department Guidelines)
- a.Washes hands frequently and appropriately wears gloves.
- b.Follows infection prevention practices, including personal hygiene expectations (i.e., fingernail length and finish) and reports potential risks.
- c.Maintains all the work areas in a clean and organized manner; free of spills and fall hazards.
- d.Monitors and records food and/or equipment temperatures; immediately correcting/escalating out of range occurrences.
- e.Stores food and/or supplies using proper labeling, dating and rotation methods.
- f.Operates equipment according to all safety guidelines and escalates any unsafe conditions (i.e., frayed electrical cords). Ensures Positive Service Outcomes
- a.Follows department work schedule (including weekends and holidays) and arrives at the work station prior to task start time.
- b.Sets up, maintains and breaks down workstation according to area requirements.
- c.Follows written and verbal instructions and station responsibilities with accuracy and attention to detail.
- d.Completes area checklists and forms.
- e.Operates and cares for equipment according to manufacturers and area specific guidelines. Remains flexible to support other team members across the department to achieve desired service outcomes. Engages in Efforts to Create a World Class Work Environment
- a.Follows work areas uniform specifications, i.e., clothing and shoes are neat and clean.
- b.Collaborates with team members and Leadership to meet the goals and objectives of the Department and Hospital.
- c.Communicates in a respectful manner and in terms that are clear and concise. Respects the cultural traditions of team members and customers. Ensures the High Quality of Menu Items Prepared by Utilizing Culinary Techniques
- a.Properly peels and cuts fresh products. Includes ability to butcher meats; dice, julienne or mince vegetables when preparing ingredients to produce menu items..
- b.Utilizes proper cooking techniques such as dry method, wet method, and combination method cooking.
- c.Identifies and properly handles/cooks vegetables, meats, spices/seasonings, pasta and dairy products.
- a.Accurately reads and follows recipes. Includes skills of measurement/mathematical conversion and scaling.

Required Minimum Education:

High school diploma Preferred or
equivalent experience Preferred

Required Minimum License(s) and Certification(s):
All certifications are required upon hire unless otherwise stated.

  • ServSafe Food Handler within 60 Days

Additional License(s) and Certification(s):

Required Minimum Experience:

Required Minimum Skills:

Ability to communicate and understand verbal and written English language and Math.
Ability to complete mandatory computer-based learning and pass exam.
Ability to understand and follow safety regulations in a food service healthcare environment.

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