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Sr Application Analyst

VIRTUAL-GA • Atlanta, Georgia • Day Shift • Full Time • JR-17983


This position is responsible for the day-to-day management of the System Administration & Engineering team which is made up of various admins/engineers supporting Windows, Linux and AIX environments.

  • Full Time
  • Day Shift
  • 6+ years of experience

Success Profile

Find out what it takes to succeed as a Sr Application Analyst:

  • Analytical
  • Adaptable
  • Detail Oriented
  • Collaborative
  • Problem Solver
  • Inventive

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Job Details

Facility: VIRTUAL-GA

Job Summary:

Functions under the direction of the IT Manager. Senior Application Analyst provides advanced system-level support of multi-user clinical or financial applications, operating systems, hardware, software, and reporting tools, including installation, configuration, training, maintenance, and end user support of complex systems. Requires advanced knowledge of systems analysis. In-depth knowledge of project management concepts and methodology. Able to lead and participate in project planning sessions. Ability to establish project goals, milestones, and procedures. Able to manage multiple projects with varying levels of complexity. The Senior Application Analyst works closely with project leaders on all aspects of project planning to meet project deadlines.
Promotes excellent customer service and strong communication skills to ensure the success of all software applications. Works with outside departments to promote, educate and train on current applications. Works with other members of the Information Systems staff, clinical and operational departments and other WHS personnel to accomplish the goals established for the project.

Core Responsibilities and Essential Functions:

Adaptability/Flexibility Quickly adapts to change in the performance of duties. Remains calm and composed under stressful situations. Persuades others to stay calm and focused on the main goals. Promotes and demonstrates open-mindedness towards change. Seeks out opportunities to affect positive change to solve business or clinical challenges.
- Adjusts schedules, tasks, and priorities when necessary.
- Recognizes when changing customer or organizational expectations require new approaches and takes the necessary steps to meet new standards.
- Adapts effectively to change by accepting changes in work processes readily and with an optimistic perspective of the resulting benefits.
- Encourages others to commit to change initiatives by sharing the expected benefits and how he/she can make modifications to work processes.
- Adapts effectively to different situations even when under stress or pressure.
- Works through situations or issues involving ambiguity or setbacks by systematically evaluating options and establishing appropriate action plans
- Maintains flexibility in involving others in delivering customer-focused results.
- Understands the requirements of different situations and effectively adapts his/her behavior even when under stress and pressure.
- Helps others effectively adapt to different situations when under stress and pressure.
- Readily accepts new technology as part of his/her job and uses it to continually improve efficiency or the quality of his/her work products. Creativity / Innovation Brings new thoughts and ideas to the conversation and is able to execute, challenges the status quo, leads brainstorming sessions with other team members. Takes risk, supports change, and encourages innovation. Explores alternative solutions. Networks with peers both internal and external to WellStar.
- Applies creative problem-solving skills to his/her work to develop solutions to problems.
- Develops multiple alternatives and understands the feasibility of each.
- Effectively shares and implements his/her ideas.
- Takes smart risks including trying new and different ways to get the job done.
- Challenges the status quo by continuously reviewing personal work processes and questioning traditional or established processes to make improvements.
- Effectively applies existing practices or processes to new work situations to benefit WellStar and its customers.
- Inspires others to develop and implement new ideas and ways to approach work that benefit WellStar and its customers.
- Takes appropriate action to address inefficiencies in work processes and establishes improved ways of getting the job done.
- Champions innovative approaches within the department or across IT by acting as an opinion leader whom others emulate. Decision Making /Judgment Recognizes problems and how they relate to other areas of the system. Systematically gathers information, seeks input from others. Is able to articulate the underlying issues of the problem, sort through complex issues, and evaluates potential solutions. Takes the lead in seeking input and receiving consensus from others, makes timely and difficult decisions. Is able to implement the correct solution to resolve the problem. Communicates decisions to others, and evaluates the results of the decision.
- Analyzes problems effectively and makes appropriate decisions without missing deadlines or causing delays in service.
- Demonstrates an ability to make effective decisions within limited time.
- Is able to cope with uncertainty and an incomplete set of facts to develop a feasible and effective solution.
- Develops highly creative and effective solutions despite the absence of information and short time-frames.
- Uses established standards/methods to solve common problems; responds to recurring problems by investigating the underlying causes and taking steps to eliminate them.
- Focuses on continuous improvement by exploring opportunities for enhancing, revising or modifying existing standards/methods and developing proposals for implementing changes.
- Independently analyzes issues and problems and expresses his/her opinion to others.
- Accurately predicts the outcomes of a variety of alternatives to problems.
- Tries different approaches when initial efforts to solve problems fail; anticipates possible problems and develops alternatives. Initiative Takes care of responsibilities and work efforts without being asked to do so. Demonstrates ownership of assigned tasks and facilitates follow-through. Seeks out opportunities to take on additional responsibilities. Offers constructive recommendations and proposes courses of action in support of team responsibilities. Exercises good judgment in taking appropriate action, while keeping management appropriately informed.
- Takes the initiative to complete assignments early; consistently exceeds expectations regarding the timing of deliverables.
- Successfully completes tasks with minimal guidance from his/her supervisor; rarely needs assistance from others.
- Demonstrates resilience against challenges and obstacles.
- Generates commitment and enthusiasm from others to set and achieve challenging objectives.
- Demonstrates the ability to complete even unfamiliar tasks independently by adapting his/her previously gained knowledge.
- Focuses on achieving results, rather than activities that may not add value.
- Coaches others on how to focus their energy on achieving results without creating more work than necessary.
- Recognizes and takes appropriate action to effectively address problems and opportunities.
- Provides advice and direction to others on how to recognize and take appropriate action on problems and opportunities. Mission, Vision, and Credo Supports, communicates, and incorporates WellStar Vision, Mission and Credo through daily actions and decisions, generates enthusiasm, incorporates vision when planning. Self Development Takes responsibility for his / her personal growth and development and continually works to foster skillset development of self and team. Seeks out opportunities for knowledge-sharing with team. Actively mentors other team members in support of growth in skillset. Establishes clear and challenging short-term and long-term personal goals and works to increase both individual and team capabilities. Demonstrates great initiative and energy in pursuit of growth goals and individual and team skillset expansion.
- Engages in continuous learning opportunities to further develop skills and capabilities in technical and functional areas.
- Seeks out and accepts feedback. Uses feedback from co-workers and customers to find ways of enhancing his/her performance.
- Is a proactive learner. Accurately identifies his/her own strengths and development needs, leverages strengths, and takes action to develop areas that can be improved.
- Provides coaching to others to help them leverage their strengths and effectively develop in areas where improvement is needed.
- Takes on tough assignments to improve skills
- Keeps knowledge and skills up-to-date. Updates professional knowledge and skills on a regular basis to stay current and apply new trends or best practices to his/her work.
- Shares new knowledge regarding professional standards with others to ensure they are able to contribute new ideas to WellStar.
- Anticipates customer needs; stays abreast of changes in the external environment and anticipates how they will impact his/her department and/or WellStar.
- Turns mistakes into learning opportunities Results Focus Sets challenging personal goals with achievable dates. Works with others on the team to set and meet team goals. Prioritizes and takes ownership of tasks, overcomes obstacles by researching and asking questions to peers. Accepts accountability, and ownership of meeting deadlines. Has the ability to define the problem, and then outline the resolution and what success would look like. Sets a high bar of achieving results for others to follow, challenges assumptions, and does not give up in completing task. Maintains adherence to Wellstar's defined processes such as, on-call incident management, change management testing procedures, and timekeeping.
- Establishes clear, specific performance goals, expectations, and priorities.
- Aligns the efforts of him/herself and the team to the teams objectives.
- Works around typical problems and obstacles to get results.
- Navigates quickly and effectively to resolve problems and obstacles, even when complex and unique circumstances occur.
- Manages own time well in order to complete allocated tasks on time and with high quality.
- Uses resources as expected, resulting in quality work that stays within established budgets.
- Frequently uses fewer than expected resources while still delivering high-quality work on time, resulting in cost savings or improved efficiencies.
- Takes responsibility for more complex problems and maintains focus until a viable solution can be found. Project Management In-depth knowledge of project management concepts and methodology. Able to lead and participate in project planning sessions. Ability to establish project goals, milestones, and procedures. Able to define roles and responsibilities, acquires project resources, coordinates projects throughout WellStar. Ability to monitor project progress and identify, mitigate and communicate issues and risk. Able to manage multiple projects with varying levels of complexity.
- Consistently focuses on the critical few priorities and manages those to achieve expected results.
- Provides direction to other team members on how to successfully manage multiple priorities
- Accurately anticipates resource requirements (i.e., time, budget, and personnel) on projects of moderately complex scope.
- Spends time up front planning an approach and develops reasoned and feasible work plans given the resources available.
- Possesses exceptional planning skills and helps others in project planning to ensure they are able to develop feasible work plans.
- Establishes and builds agreement among project team members for project milestones, resource requirements, timelines and measures of success.
- Establishes key milestones, adequately monitors progress toward milestones, and takes action to ensure timelines are met or exceeded.
- Modifies project work plans as appropriate and communicates those changes to the team to ensure the project is not derailed.
- Develops contingency plans during the planning phase of a project by anticipating the most likely risks to the project work plan; implements those contingency plans quickly when the need arises.
- Provides on-going project updates regarding progress to keep others informed of status and outstanding issues. Performs Additional duties as assigned.

Required Minimum Education:

Bachelor's Degree Preferred

Required Minimum License(s) and Certification(s):
All certifications are required upon hire unless otherwise stated.

    Additional License(s) and Certification(s):

    Required Minimum Experience:

    Minimum 5 years experience in technology Required and
    healthcare Required or
    related industry Required

    Required Minimum Skills:

    Excellent verbal and written communication skills, along with the ability to communicate and negotiate with a variety of internal and external stakeholders.
    Ability to work well in a team environment by accepting and offering constructive feedback, supporting team goals, and encouraging other team members.
    Ability to multi-task, complete assigned tasks independently with little to no guidance with close attention to detail, and ability to offer extensive guidance to other team members.
    Ability to analyze and troubleshoot problems, and offer solutions.
    Ability to identify opportunities for improvement.
    In-depth understanding of application support.
    Ability to serve as a primary resource for more than 1 application module.
    Ability to gather, translate, and communicate business or clinical requirements into technical solutions for application implementation, and offer best practices or recommended solutions.

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