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Diabetes Educator RD

Wellstar Kennestone Hospital • Marietta, GA • Nursing: Non-Bedside • 105125 • Days, Various • Full-Time


This position reports directly to the Director of Diabetes services. Key responsibilities of the role include: The Diabetes Educator/Dietitian is responsible for coordination of patient diabetes self-management and nutritional care through clinical assessment, education and documentation throughout all phases of diabetes related care. The Diabetes Educator/Dietitian is responsible for providing patient education with an understanding and awareness of age specific needs. Assesses the biological, emotional, developmental, psychological, nutritional and patient/family education needs in providing care to the patient and family. Fosters continuity of the Nutrition Care Process across all phases of the continuum of care as recommended by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Provides nutrition education to patients, family, and/or members of the health care team on recommended nutrition intervention(s) to accomplish nutrition goals; which may include, but is not limited to any of the following topics: specialized diabetic diet, food selections, eating behaviors, and community nutrition resources. Functions as a member of the diabetes self management team along with the patient, diabetes educator/nurse, family, social worker, administrative staff and physician. Education responsibilities may include inpatient and outpatient setting and may occur in an individual, small group or classroom environment. Serves as a diabetes resource on nutrition and diabetes management to persons and physicians within the staff and community. The Diabetes Educator/Dietitian is able to independently perform job functions. Actively assess, evaluates and maintains professional development and competencies outlined in the position description. Participates in Wellstar and community events (e.g. ADA walk, Diabetes Day, Health and Benefit Fairs, etc.). Provides presentations to Wellstar departments, civic, and community partners.


Core Responsibilites and Essential Functions

  • Develops, implements, and promotes quality services based on client expectation and needs.
    * Collaborates with patient and/or family member, and health care team to assess DSMES (Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support) needs of patients.
    * Provides services and establishes goals based on the identified needs of patients and/or family members.
    * Applies knowledge and skills in developing, implementing and maintaining nutrition care plans
    * Continuously evaluates DSMES processes and patient outcomes and implements quality practice by following system policies, procedures, and evidenced based research
    * Provides care according to organizational ethics, licensure and Standards of Professional Practice for Dietetics Professionals
    * Applies Joint Commission and/or regulatory standards in the provision of DSMES
    * Utilized patient experience and empathy skills when interacting with patients and family members
    * Participates in appropriate committees and team member huddles
    * Engages in quality improvement iniatives and projects

  • Provide medical nutrition therapy according to system policy and A.N.D. Nutrition Care Process practice standardsa. Utilizes the Nutrition Care Process when assessing patients
    * Responsible for nutrition screen, assessment, diagnosis, intervention, and monitoring/evaluation of identified at risk patients
    * Apply psycho-social, age appropriate, evidence-based nutrition care
    * Document all patient encounters in the health care record in accordance with hospital and department policies and procedures
    * Assess patient?s learning needs, barriers to learning, preferred learning styles and educational level and provides nutrition education accordingly
    * Utilizes community resources through the continuum of care to foster positive patient outcomes
    * Identifies expected outcomes of patient care

  • Teamwork and Collaboration
    * Coordinates the delivery and documentation of quality patient education that promotes the professional care delivery model. This includes, but is not limited to, diverse and inclusive interdisciplinary communication methods, completion of timely documentation and promotion of a respectful, inclusive educational environment.
    * Demonstrates teamwork and collaboration by practicing in a manner that is fiscally responsible and promotes the recruitment and retention of all department team members.
    * Participates and supports performance improvement using LEAN Six Sigma.

  • Professional Development and Initiative
    * Completes all initial and ongoing professional competency assessment, required mandatory education and population specific education. Non-CDE employees to complete 15 hours of diabetes-related CEUs annually; CDE employees to maintain CEU requirements.
    * Serves as a preceptor and/or mentor for other department educators.
    * Engages in lifelong self-development to improve knowledge and skills that promote continued competence.
    * Conducts yearly self-assessment to identify professional strengths and weaknesses
    * Identifies needs for professional development and mentors dietetic interns
    * Documents professional development activities according to system policies
    * Engage in continuous learning opportunities to further develop skills and capabilities in application technical and functional areas

  • Locates, reviews, and utilizes best practice research findings for their application in optimally managing a disease or condition and improving patient outcomes.
    * Upholds all system/organizational/departmental policies and procedures and clinical competencies put forth by this job description and professional association including legal, regulatory and accreditation requirements and standards ensuring, by way of example, fulfilment of American Diabetes Association standards, Joint Comission Patient Safety Goals and Wellstar Health System?s safety absolutes.
    * Participates in data collection and chart audits. Consults appropriate experts and uses appropriate resources and evidence to address practice questions.
    * Bases clinical practice on sound scientific principles, current research and theory
    * Shares and reports research and patient outcomes utilizing various media
    * Demonstrates knowledge related to clinical practice.
    * Communicates sound scientific principles, research, and theory to health care team members and dietetic interns in optimally managing patients' care
    * Shares knowledge and expertise with dietetic interns, patients, family members and health care team members
    * Documents understanding of relevant information and results of communication with dietetic interns/technicians/patients/families and healthcare team members
    * Contributes to the development of new knowledge and services
    * Seeks out information effectively and independently to provide effective services
  • Resources and Support
    * Proactively plans for the educational needs of patients in the course of providing education, support and resources to patients/families.
    * Participates in the development of departmental protocols, policies and procedures, when called upon or through self-initiation, in collaboration with clinical and non-clinical department team members to achieve best practice outcomes
    * Supports efficient and effective use of resources.

Required for All Jobs

  • Performs other duties as assigned
  • Complies with all WellStar Health System policies, standards of work, and code of conduct.


Required Minimum Education

  • Bachelor's Degree from an accredited institution with a major in nutrition/dietetics. Required and
  • Completion of a supervised practice didactic program accredited by the Accreditation Counsel for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND). Required

Required Minimum Experience

  • Three (3) years clinical dietetics experience with emphasis on patient assessment, treatment and education. Required and
  • Experience in treatment and education principles of patients with diabetes Required and
  • Pediatric experience Preferred and
  • Bilingual experience Preferred and
  • Computer experience with Epic, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and/or other databases as needed. Required

Required Minimum Skills

  • Professional communication skills.
  • Computer skills.
  • Knowledge of best practices in clinical nutrition and the dietetics profession.
  • Knowledge of Nutrition Care Process and its use in complex cases in the clinical setting.
  • Ability to think critically to apply nutrition interventions to patients with multiple comorbidities and/or special needs including self-management of diabetes.
  • Ability to maintain effective relationships with other healthcare professionals in sharing nutrition knowledge and expertise.
  • Ability to work with patient interests and health in mind.
  • Must be physically capable of initiating CPR.
  • Travel requirements include local via personal automobile.
  • Independent and self directed.
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills a must.

Required Minimum License(s) and Certification(s)

  • Cert Diabetes Educator 1.00 Required 1.00
  • Lic Dietician 1.00 Required 1.00
  • Registered Dietician 1.00 Required 1.00
  • Basic Life Support 2.00 Required 2.00

Additional Licenses and Certifications

NOTE: In-Patient at Kennestone Hospital 

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